Head in the creative clouds

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to read about me. I’m Helen, a freelance Integrated Graphic Designer with 19 years experience and I love my job.

‘What’s an Integrated Graphic Designer?’ I hear you say. Its someone who designs all the various elements of a brand, event or campaign and brings them together into a coherent whole – print, digital etc. They see the bigger picture and take a holistic approach to their work.

I create my artwork in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation and web graphics; Adobe Premiere Pro for video. So there you have it, I have my head in the Creative Cloud pretty much all the time.

My superpowers are: the ability to work on multiple projects; and swift-turnarounds. I gained my experience in both an advertising agency and a publishing house. The agency taught me the importance of quality control and developing good concepts; and I learned all there is to know about efficiency and task management in my in-house role.

Quickly, reliably and efficiently

I adapt quickly to different brands, and ways of working. Common-sense, valuing corporate identity, getting to understand its culture and ‘personality’ and vehemently sticking to its strict brand guidelines is how I achieve this. Your search for a freelance Graphic Designer who is cost effective and reliable can end here. Let’s talk. See how we mesh.

Who I work with

Since 2008 I have been freelancing as HD Design and working with a variety of clients in these sectors: events and conferences, service industries, education, charities, entertainment and local authorities. I work with marketing managers, project heads and business owners to develop their ideas in to tangible or digital outcomes. Recent projects include: a 52 page catalogue, print advertising, brochures, electronic forms, exhibition signage, exhibition stands, stationary, Powerpoint presentations, interactive PDFs and social media campaign posts.